The Man Machine - 1978 - DE

The Man Machine - 1978 - DE is a painting which represents the legendary electronic music group Kraftwerk which injected into its music ideas from the most powerful artistic movements of the 20th century: expressionism, futurism, Russian constructivism and the Bauhaus which are artistic currents resolutely turned towards the future, social and technological progress. It is also a tribute to Florian Schneider, one of the founding members of the group who died in May 2020. My work is based on the original cover of the album "The Man Machine" but I wanted to make it a more sparkling and colorful version and less "Russian constructivism art" ... For me it is a very important work because I have since my childhood bathed in the universe "Kraftwerkien" which made me what I am today. 52 X 42 cm
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