Irina Vladau

Irina is a visual artist actualy living in Milan, Italy. She creates art inspired by the nature, music and mystery of life with joy and melancholy, all fusing into one emotion. Being a versatile artist she had to find and develop her own artistic style that express better herself. The artist constantly plays with textures and colors, transforming and mixing them, in order to give a new shape, creating new realities. Irina's works integrate multiple images in a visual abstract context and is based lately on digital processing, a mix of painting, drawing, photography and collage. Her late work deals with deconstructing ideas and recomposing stories in a subtle way. The resulting images are interplay between lights and shadows, forms and reflections and breathtaking colors and textures. The colours juxtapose each other whilst also working in unison to create a solid yet flowing composition. Going digital allowed her to find much wider sphere of activity, to push back her limits. The images stand at the intersection of a different perceptions of reality and express the multitude of possible answers. Everything is reflection, everything responds to everything. "I shut my eyes in order to see." Paul Gauguin



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