Christian Rosstad

"Your Standards"? ? She is composed. She is a true Princess, but she walks her own path. She doesn't follow anyone. She makes her own rules and never conforms to society. Just look at her headdress. It's so damn unique.? ? You can't conform to other people's standards in this life. Too many people already do this. They care so much about pandering to the other person's wants and needs. Don't live to someone else's standards. Live to the ones that you create for yourself. If you live by someone else's standards, you will always come up short.? ? Try not to care what the other person thinks. If you get so jazzed up about your path, taking action on your journey, ?along with your growth as a person and your interests you're going to be one happy princess ass betch.? ?



There are no artworks uploaded by this artist.

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